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So, you have read my post about Raja Ampat, a wonderful place in Indonesia.

If you haven't read it, you can check it on : Raja Ampat

Now, I will give you 10 question about it!

1. Where is Raja Ampat located ?
  a. South Java
  b. West Sumatra
  c. North Papua
  d. West Papua
  e. West Kalimantan

2. These option below are the main islands of Raja Ampat, except...
  a. Misool
  b. Salawati
  c. Kofiau
  d. Batanta
  e. Waigeo

3. Raja Ampat archipelago is the part of...
  a. Coral Triangle
  b. Coral Island
  c. Coral Sea
  d. Coral Ocean
  e. Coral province

4. Raja Ampat contains...
  a. Richest pearl
  b. Rare fishes
  c. Richest marine biodiversity
  d. The most mangroves
  e. Precious oil

5. Which story Raja Ampat's name come from?
  a. The story about a boy who defies his mother
  b. The story about a fisherman who married a fish
  c. The story about a princess who died because her selfish
  d. The story about a woman who finds seven eggs
  e. The story about a ghost and a god

6. History shows tha Raja Ampat was once a part of...
  a. Siliwangi Kingdom
  b. Sultanate of Tidore
  c. Sultanate of Ternate
  d. Maluku Kingdom
  c. Papua Kingdom

7. Who is Jorge de Menezes?
  a. The owner of Raja Ampat archipelago
  b. The inventor of Raja Ampat archipelago
  c. The king of Sultanate of Tidore
  d. The governor of West Papua province
  e. The first sighting and landing by the Europeans of the Ampat island.

8. Dempier Strait separates...
  a. Batanta island - Waigeo island
  b. Batanta island - Salawati island
  c. Waigeo island - Salawati island
  d. Misool island -Batanta island
  e. Kofiau island - Misool island

9. Dempier Strait name based on...
  a. The English explorer William Dampier
  b. Captain William Wilson
  c. The woman from mythology of Raja Ampat
  d. The king of Sultanate of Tidore

10. Which statement is TRUE based on the text?
  a. Sultanate of Tidore is an influential kingdom from Bali
  b. Raja Ampat is an archipelago with 500 small islands surroinding the four main islands.
  c.The first recorded sighting and landing by Europeans of the Ampat Islands was in the person of the Deutch navigator
  d.In 1759 Captain William Wilson sailing in the East Indiaman Pitt
  e. Dampier Strait separates Misool island and Salawati island.

Next, these questions are about my favorite song on the previous post! Go check this link if you haven't read it : Favorite Song

1. Who is the singer of this song?
  a. Beyoncè
  b. Mariah Carey
  c. Fifth Harmony
  d. Jess Glyne
  e. Ariana Grande

2. What the singer feels on the first pharagraph of this song?
  a. Happy
  b. Great
  c. Angry
  d. Flat
  e. Sad

3. What the singer feels in the second pharagraph?
  a. Miss the old her
  b. Happy
  c. Felt nothing
  d. Still sad
  e. Frustrated

4. What the singer suggest us to do on the main lyrics?
  a. The singer suggests us to do not be sad anymore
  b. The singer told us to do not care about people say
  c. The singer suggests us to do not be so hard on ourself
  d. The singer suggest us to move on
  e. The singer suggests us to do everything we want

5. What is the synonim of 'frail'?
  a. weak
  b. fragile
  c. strong
  d. poor
  e. soft

6. What is the closest meaning of sentence "I felt this darkness over me"?
  a. The singer felt that she is on a dark side
  b. The singer felt that she's sad for nothing
  c. The singer felt that everything was dark
  d. The singer felt that she was on the darkness
  e. The singer felt that her heart was dark

7. What is the most correct meaning of the word "trips" in this song?
  a. make mistakes
  b. a road
  c. travelling world
  d. a visit

8. What is the meaning of sentence "I've learned to wave goodbye"?
  a. The singer will wave goodbye to everyone
  b. The singer learned to leave someone
  c. The singer learned that she must leave everything that makes she sad
  d. The singer learned that she must wave goodbye to her ex

9. What is the meaning of sentence "I drew a smile on my face to paper over me"?
  a. The singer drew her face a smile
  b. The singer stick a paper with a smile drew on it on her face
  c. The singer set a fake smile
  d. The singer draw a smile on the paper.

10. What the writer feels on the end of the song?
  a. Happy
  b. Still sad
  c. Frustrated
  d. Angry

Don't Be So Hard On Yourself - Jess Glyne

Today, I want to tell you guys about my favorite song, Don't Be So Hard On Yourself by Jess Glyne.

I came here with a broken heart that no one else could see
I drew a smile on my face to paper over me
The wounds heal and tears dry and cracks they don't show
So don't be so hard on yourself, no

Let's go back to simplicity
I feel like I've been missing me
Was not who I'm supposed to be
I felt this darkness over me
We all get there eventually
I never knew where I belonged
But I was right and you were wrong
Been telling myself all along

Don't be so hard on yourself, no
Learn to forgive, learn to let go
Everyone trips, everyone falls
So don't be so hard on yourself, no
Because I'm just tired of marching on my own
Kind of frail, I feel it in my bones
Oh let my heart, my heart turn into stone
So don't be so hard on yourself, no

I'm standin' on top of the world, right where I wanna be
So how can this dark cloud keep raining over me
But hearts break and hells a place that everyone knows
So don't be so hard on yourself, no

Let's go back to simplicity
I feel like I've been missing me
Was not who I'm supposed to be
I felt this darkness over me
We all get there eventually
I never knew where I belonged
But I was right and you were wrong
Been telling myself all along

Don't be so hard on yourself, no
Learn to forgive, learn to let go
Everyone trips, everyone falls
So don't be so hard on yourself, no
Because I'm just tired of marching on my own
Kind of frail, I feel it in my bones
Oh let my heart, my heart turn into stone
So don't be so hard on yourself, no

Oh, Oh, Oh, I
I learned to wave goodbye
How not to see my life
Through someone else's eyes
It's not an easy road
But now I'm not alone
So I, I won't be so hard on myself no more

Don't be so hard on yourself, no
Learn to forgive, learn to let go
Everyone trips, everyone falls
So don't be so hard on yourself, no
Because I'm just tired of marching on my own
Kind of frail, I feel it in my bones
Oh let my heart, my heart turn into stone
So don't be so hard on yourself, no

Because I'm just tired of marching on my own
Kind of frail, I feel it in my bones
Oh let my heart, my heart turn into stone
So don't be so hard on yourself, no

Now, I will tell you the meaning of this song.

The writer of this song is also the singer. She is Jess Glyne! In this song, she wanted to tell us about her effort to be a singer. Jess Glyne have so many obstacles in her way, but she always keep fight for her dream.

I think this song is great because it suggest us to be yourself, and keep moving forward no matter how hard it is! This song told us to see a positive in everything, and don't force yourself to be someone you don't comfort with to.

The meaning of this song is very nice, isn't it?
So, if you want to hear this song to, go check this link!


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Inondesia's Paradise, Raja Ampat!

Raja Ampat looks like paradise, isn't it?

     Located off the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, in Indonesia's West Papua province, Raja Ampat, or the Four Kings, is an archipelago comprising over 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo, and the smaller island of Kofiau. Raja Ampat archipelago is the part of Coral Triangle which contains the richest marine biodiversity on earth.

     The name of Raja Ampat comes from local mythology that tells about a woman who finds seven eggs. Four of the seven eggs hatch and become kings that occupy four of Raja Ampat biggest islands whilst the other three become a ghost, a woman, and a stone.
History shows that Raja Ampat was once a part of Sultanate of Tidore, an influential kingdom from Maluku. Yet, after the Dutch invaded Maluku, it was shortly claimed by the Netherlands.
The first recorded sighting and landing by Europeans of the Ampat Islands was in the person of the Portuguese navigator Jorge de Menezes and his crew in 1526, on route from Biak, the Bird's Head Peninsula, and Waigeo, to Halmahera (Ternate).

     The English explorer William Dampier gave his name to Dampier Strait, which separates Batanta island from Waigeo island. To the east, there is a strait that separates Batanta from Salawati. In 1759 Captain William Wilson sailing in the East Indiaman Pitt navigated these waters and named one strait Pitt strait, after his vessel; this was probably the channel between Batanta and Salawati.
scr : wikipedia //
under the sea
Under the sea.


   My holiday was not like 'holiday'. I mean, I just stayed at home and it seems like my life so boring. I spent my holiday to read novels. Sometimes, I went to Gramedia to bought some new books. But, I still felt boring.

   On the first day, I bought Percy Jackson's series. Did you know that novels? Then, my mom bought me Lorien Legacies, a series of novel entitled I Am Number Four. Have you seen the film? It was a good story, and a good film too. So, you can see that my holiday was full of books. I love reading, but read the book all of day, non-stop, made me so bored. I tried to watched some movies. In the first, it wasn't so bad but I slowly felt bored too. So, I started to calling my friends, to accompanied me go to somewhere. But, they were busy to preparing something! They asked me to help, and I said yes.

   So, one day I went to my school, SMAN 3 Bandung, and met my friends on Tiloe's Theatre. They would have the first performance on Nagabonar Terharu, an internal event on my school. Tiloe's Theatre is one of many extracurriculars on my school. I joined them too. They asked me to make the properties. With some friends who didn't got any role on the cabaret, I started to work. It was so fun! My friends are so funny and it didn't make me bored again. We worked so hard, so that the cabaret would success. The cabaret we would present entitled "Dua". It's a funny and interest story.

   We practiced dance too. We would present the dance on the climax of the cabaret. And all of the members of Tiloe's Theatre must to do this dance. I was so happy! Usually, after had the practice, we went to some cozy places, or just stayed at school and spent all day with joking and laugh. My holiday wasn't feel so bored again.

   At the end of holiday, Tiloe's Theatre presented the cabaret! We got many applause.

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Last month, my school held an amazing event. It was Gamarvani. Gamarvani is a culture fesatival which held as annual event by 3 Senior High School Bandung. This event designed to make teenagers in Bandung know and love our culture. That’s why many West Java’s culture can be found in this festival, such as wayang golek performed by Giri Harja, pencak silat, angklung performed by KPA 3, and many more.

So what is Gamarvani? Gamarvani taken from two Latin words. ‘Gama’ which means ‘a trip’ and ‘parvani’ which means ‘going to moon’. So, Gamarvani means ‘a trip to moon’. Why it was named so? Because the theme of this festival is taken from a folklore titled ‘Nyi Anteh’.
I’m going to tell you a little part of the story.

“There were two girls lived in a palace. They were Princess Endahwarni, the daughter of the king and the queen, and Anteh, the daughter of the lady-in-waiting. Although Anteh wasn’t her sister, Endahwarni loved Anteh like her little sister.
One day, Princess Endahwarni would get married with a prince named Anantakusumah. A week before the wedding, Prine Anantakusuma came to talk about the wedding ceremony. While he passed the garden to the palace, he saw a beautiful girl. He thought the girl was Princess Endahwani but he was wrong. The girl was Anteh. Since that, Prince Anantakusuma fell in love with Anteh, even when he became Endahwarni’s husband.
Princess Endahwarni felt so angry when she knew that her husband fell in love with Anteh. So, she asked Anteh to leave the palace. Anteh felt very sad. She went to her hometown and lived with her uncle.
Years passed and Endahwarni missed Anteh very much. She started looking for Anteh, and found her became a very famous tailor. Anteh was married and have two children. Endahwarni asked Anteh to go back to the palace and worked there as the palace tailor. Anteh agreed, and she lived in the palace with her little family, and her cat named Candramawat.
Anteh was very happy that she could go back to the palace. But she didn’t know that the prince still love her. It was a beautiful evening and the moon was full when Anteh and her cat, Candramawat, were in the garden. Anteh was weaving the dress. Suddenly, the prince come to her and asked her to marry him. Anteh was so surprised and ignoring the prince. But the prince didn’t want to let her go. Anteh was very scared, and she prayed to God to save her.
Suddenly moonlight covered his body. Slowly the light lifted Anteh and Candramawat to the moon. The prince was very shocked. He was very sorry but it was too late. Anteh was never came back to earth.
People said that we still can see the image of Nyai Anteh and her cat during the moon full.”
That’s a good story, isn’t it? Gamarvani took that folklore as the theme because not everyone in Bandung know this story.
The poster of Gamarvani
Gamarvani held on September 19th 2015, in Bali Field, Bandung. A month before this event held, my seniors recruiting students in grade 10 to be the crew. Almost a half of grade-10-students take that chance. We’re very excited to participate and help our seniors to succeed this event. We divided into several division according to our interest and capability such as division event, decoration, publication, documentation, public-relations, and many more. Our leader is Kang Ababil Akram, a student in grade 12. I think he really good as our captain!
Hard, easy, tired, happy, sad… We faced it together. Our intention is only to success of this event!
It was a day before Gamarvani and school atmosphere filled with euphoria of Gamarvani. It was our second culture festival after Matswapati on 2014. We had a meeting in Bali Field, at this day, and started decorating the field with glow-in-the-dark-lampion, a tunnel for visitors, a pair of gate, stand for food festival and many more. On 8pm. The field was ready for tomorrow!
September, 19th 2015
The crew held our last briefing. We're ready to work! It was a very busy day. Everyone worked as their own tasks. A lot of work to do, and we must work quickly because the event would officially opened on 10am!
 Our field commander, Kang Aditya, ordered us to line up and wait quietly while our headmaster, Mr. Encang, officially opened the event by cutting red tape on the finish of the tunnel. And when it was done, everyone became very happy!
After that, the event was begin.
Visitors began to arrive and the come more and more. Most visitors were come on 5p.m. The Bali Field was so full of people. Many of my Junior High School friends came. And I got many new friends, too.
The climax of this event was when the guest stars, Adera and HiVi!, show on the stage. We're all sang and dance together. The event closed by HiVi!'s last performance on 10pm. We're all felt very tired but it was such a wonderful night! I've never seen better!
So, are you guys ready for the next year?

p.s. The aftermovie of Gamarvani can be watched on ->Gamarvani on YouTube

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Puteri : Hi, Icha! How are you?
Icha : Hi Puteri! I'm fine, thank you. What about you?
Puteri : Awesome! How was your holiday in Bromo Mountain?
Icha : It was great! I saw the most beautiful sunrise on the top of the mountain.
Puteri : What a wonderful experience! I want to go to Bromo too :(
Icha : You must go there, seriously.
Puteri : I hope so.
Icha : And how was you holiday? Where did you go?
Puteri : I had a culinary tour with my big family. So I went to many places in Bandung.
Icha : That's a really great holiday! It must be the reason why you look fat now.
Puteri : Are you serious? :(
Icha : Haha, just kidding! So, tell me what foods you taste.
Puteri : I ate many traditional foods, but my favorite is colenak. Yummy! It is a really delicious food!
Icha : I wanna taste it too :(
Puteri : You really have to taste it.
Icha : Absolutely yes. By the way, my father is coming! I must go home. Bye, Puteri!
Puteri : Bye, Icha!

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Hello Bloggies!
                To completed my English homework, I will write my autobiography on this space. So here it is!
My school is on first place!
                My full name is Puteri Cikal Anasta, but I usually called Puteri by people. I was born in Bandung on 14th of January 2000, and I am 15 years old now. I lived at Margahayu Kencana E4 number 11, Kopo Street. I lived with my parents, and my two little brothers.

                When I was 5, I studied at Marhamah Hasanah’s Kindergarten. Then, I continued at Babakan Ciparay 3 Elementary School for 6 years. After that, I studied at 11 Junior High School for 3 years. Now, I am studying at 3 Senior High School Bandung. I am so proud to be one of students in this school, because 3 Senior High School Bandung is the best school in Indonesia!

My hobby is reading. I will read very books that talk about something attract me. Especially novels! Yeay, I really really really love to read a novel. I’m not interested at romantic novels, or other stuffs like that, but I’m crazy for everything about action! My favorite novels are Divergent (series), The Hunger Games (series) and of course, Harry Potter too! I love journalism and hopefully I can be a good author like J. K. Rowling or Veronica Roth. I already read novels since I am 5 years old. The first novel that I read is “The Famous Five” by Enid Blyton. It’s such a good novel! I spend many times for reading, and maybe that is the reason why most of my friends think that I am a novel’s maniac. But, honestly I don’t have any objection about that. I mean, I am absolutely a novel’s maniac! 

I love music too. I learned to play piano when I am 6 years old, and I still practice piano once a week. I always playing “Kiss The Rain” by Yiruma because it’s my favorite song. Sometimes, i played piano and sing too. Most of my friends told me that I have nice voice, haha I'm so thankful, but I'm personally think my voice isn't as nice as other people, eventhough I always sing everytime and everywhere haha pardon me guys *peace*
One thing that you guys must know about me! I'm scolioser! Scolioser is apellation for people who have scoliosis, or an 'difference' at the spine. You can read my experience on my official blog, thanks for read, by the way, hihi. Umm... Eventhough I can be included as 'abnormal person', but I'm trying to be as normal as other people. I won't give up with this abnormality, I'm gonna fight for this. So, wish me luck, Bloggies! :)
Last, I'm gonna tell you something that actually I hate to admit. But... It's time to be honest! I'm not the good person type. Eventhough I used veil, and i tried not to break my own desicion, but i think my attitude is still far from good. I can be very annoying, sometimes. I'm selfish, arrogant, grumpy, and maybe many bad characters that people see it from me. I realized it, really. And every time, if my bad attitude 'relapse', I really really really regret it, I swear. I didn't mean to do those bad things. It's just my character. Guys... I'm so sorry if sometimes I mess up but I'm trying so hard to relieve my bad characters.
Yeah, i think it's enough to describe me, isn't it? Pardon me if I did any mistakes. Nice to meet you, guys!xoxo.